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Art of Zen

When it comes to the Japanese, it's quite common that mastery in certain crafts are passed down within the family from one generation to the next, establishing veritable dynasties. Each generation constantly aiming to improve on the skills passed to them by their predecessors. The end result can only be the best quality product available - from 100 year old shoyu, to single origin Koshihikari rice served by the best chefs in the world to green teas grown by 13-15th generation farmers. We can think of no better way to introduce someone to the best Japan has to offer. 

This Box Contains

  • Yuki Tsubaki Koshihikari Rice
  • Wadaman Sesame Oil
  • Nitto Jozo Shiro Shoyu
  • Moroi Jozo Fine Japanese Fish Sauce
  • Perfect South Australian Grown Shincha
  • Wadaman Ume, Seaweed & Sesame Furikake

Please Note • Price includes cost of the gift box and standard shipping. As most of the items are made in small batches, they may occasionally run out of stock. We will replace the missing items with equal value items of your choosing to maintain a cohesive box. This item is only available for shipping within Australia. Please get in touch with us directly if you'd like to order multiple boxes. We are able to cater to corporate clients and events. For international shipping, please email us for shipping rates.