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Martelli Fusilli Di Pisa

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Fusilli di Pisa was the first new shape added to the Martelli range after 80 years. The spiralled pasta is said to have been inspired by the spiral staircase of the Campanile di Pisa, also known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is located 25 km north of the Martelli factory. Serve this pasta with a chunky meat or vegetable based sauce.

Size: 1kg

Martelli sources the world’s best quality semolina with high protein content. Semolina is coarse flour made with durum wheat that produces pasta with exceptional flavour and texture. The semola is mixed with water to create dough which is then extruded (pushed) through solid bronze dies and cut into one of five shapes. Bronze extrusion creates a porous and lacklustre surface, which allows the sauce to fully flavour the pasta. 

Martelli pasta is dried in wooden drying closets at a temperature between 33 and 36 degrees Celsius, for approximately 50 hours. The ultimate product has a buff yellow colour. 

This production method is very different to industrially produced pasta which are extruded through Teflon dies and dried at very high temperatures essentially baking the pasta dry and resulting in the deep yellow, smooth appearance of mass produced brands.

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