Vintage U.S Navy Peacoat - Small 36R - Footage



Vintage U.S Navy Peacoat - Small 36R

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Originally worn by working sailors and fishermen, the peacoat got its name from the historical Dutch word "pije", which was a type of coarse woolen fabric. The British Royal Navy and the US Navy adopted the peacoat design from the Dutch for their own uses. Its ulster collar that can be buttoned all the way up to protect its wearer against the cold and wind. 

This U.S Navy Peacoat is a fine *vintage specimen of a service issued coat around the 1950s - 1960s, with a couple of notable features that dates the jacket to this era.  U.S Navy issued peacoats feature large (35-ligne) thick black plastic buttons. Imprinted on the front is a “fouled anchor” design, which refers to the traditional image of an anchor wrapped in a rope, as is with this version.   Made of 100% Kersey Wool up till the early 1970s, poly blended wool versions were introduced shortly after.  One other distinctive detail is the pocket lining. All peacoats produced after 1968 had a distinctive sandy brown coloured corduroy pocket lining substituted with a soft blue, white/off-white cotton lining.  

The peacoat is a classic jacket with a straight cut down the body. The length is slightly longer than a regular jacket, but it remains shorter than an overcoat. Traditionally, early issue peacoat had 10 buttons, 8 of which were visible. Some time after the war, the number was reduced to 8 with just 6 visible ones and eventually, just 7 with 6 visible ones.  

Because of the reduction in buttons, the lapel got slightly bigger, and you could now see more of the chest or tie. The remaining 6 buttons are arranged traditionally on the double-breasted silhouette. As with this version you'll see 6 visible buttons.


  • 100% Kersey Wool 
  • Lined
  • Ulster Collar
  • 7 Button Double Breasted Coat
  • USN regulation size horn anchor buttons
  • Side entry pockets
  • Two inside pockets
  • Vented Back
  • This is a regular fit jacket
  • U.S Navy Issue (DSA-1-4825)  

*Rarely worn - Very good vintage condition