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Size 5 Striped Market Bag - Mandarin/Blue

Hailing from India, these fun multi-striped market bags are made from a hardy nylon material and are suited to a variety of uses. Originally a woven nylon used as tarp for awnings or outdoor stools, these woven nylon manufacturers have gone a step further to create a practical item for the everyday. Choose from a selection of different sizes that best suit your needs, whether it be a light carry-all for your daily essentials (wallet, phone, keys), to carry a heavy load of shopping or an easily washable beach or travel bag.  These bags also double up as great storage organisers for your home (towels, blankets) or in the boot (spare change of clothes and shoes, gym gear).

The bags are often cut from a large roll of fabric yielding different parts of the striping so no two bags are identical. No off-cut fabric is wasted and occasionally, a seperate colour fabric might be applied to the bag handles for contrasting effect. Irregularly stitched fishing wire is observed at various parts of the bags. To the trained eye, these irregular finishes may appear like imperfections but instead add to their native charm.   

Colour: Mandarin/Blue
Shape: Vertical Tote 

Material: 100% woven nylon
Measurements: 55cm tall x 48cm wide x 25cm deep 
Handle Length: 28cm long (slight length variations of 2-3cm)
Handle Drop (Height when Held): 11cm
Details: Zip Top Closure
Origin:  Made in India

Please note • In order to minimise wastage, remnants are used so handle colours may vary. Due to the difficulty in cutting and sewing nylon fabric, measurements may vary slightly as well. When using these bags as long term storage for articles of clothing or bed linen, we suggest packing them in an extra layer to avoid colour transfer.

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