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Studio Enti Medium Stardust Bowl - White/Black

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'Stardust' bowls are inspired by the materials and processes Naomi uses in her daily practice. The patterning that this range displays is random and each piece is unique - referencing the infinite greatness of our universe - biological patterns and chemical reactions the essence of ceramics and our very being. 

Each bowl is handcrafted and is marked as guided by the hand of the maker, as the pigment falls, the starbursts form, with slight variations in form - designed to enhance the beauty of the piece. Made from the finest grade of Australian porcelain, with foodsafe pigment and gloss glaze. 

Care instructions: 
The Stardust Series been handmade with care and is lead-free and dishwasher safe. Like most handmade products, you can ensure a long lifetime of use with careful washing and stacking. Avoid sudden extreme temperature changes if heating the product.

Dimensions: Height 45mm x Diameter 180mm (size may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of this item)

Made in Sydney by local ceramicist Studio Enti and are designed to be paired with any of the other pieces in the range.