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Capri Positano Sandals - Tropea Slide in Black


The Tropea slide from Capri Positano Sandals features an elegant cross over toe and a single band. A sleek style for when you need to dress with pleated pants, a pair of jeans or a midi skirt/dress. 

Capri Positano Footage stamped padded insole heel detail. Cuoio di Toscana* leather soles are finished with an anti-slip rubber layer, for added comfort and support. Anti-slip rubber on the heel and front undersole.

Our collection of Capri Positano Sandals is custom hand-made in Italy. We have collaborated with the brand to design a range specific to the store. As sandals are made with raw or naturally hand dyed leather, expect slight variations in colour and sometimes brushstrokes. The natural leather will darken over time with wear. 

Sizing Note • Sandals are an Italian make with a slim footbed. If you are in between sizes or have a broader foot, we advise choosing the next size up. The sandals are made from full grain naturally tanned leathers, on a wider foot, this may feel snug or firm at first and will require time for the leather to break in and soften up. Generally the leather will stretch over time with wear.

 * Cuoio di Toscana is a unique leather for the production of soles created through slow vegetable tanning using generations old techniques and the skilled used of tannins (organic vegetable compounds obtained from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho wood)

These soles are produced respecting the current regulations and restrictions on the use of harmful chemical substances, protecting the health and wellbeing of the consumers. Environmental respect and social responsibility, in the broadest sense, characterize the Consortium’s approach to sustainable development.

Cuoio di Toscana is a product with a high content of comfort: it adapts naturally to the foot, protects it from external agents thanks to its waterproof characteristics and at the same time allows it to breathe.