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Footage Safari Jacket - Navy


The Safari Jacket - It’s the badass outerwear of choice for style icons like Ernest Hemingway and Clint Eastwood. Part of a British military uniform made for the tropics first seen in the latter part of the 19th century, this humble standard issue jacket has since been embraced by many across the globe. 

Traditionally made with a tough cotton or cotton-blend fabric formed into a loose-fitting, mid-length garment with four bellows pockets at the chest and hip, this jacket transcends its practical and military background and has become a mainstay in the modern wardrobe. Its versatility is well documented, and it’s the ideal accompaniment to selvedge denim and when the occasion calls for it, with sharp tailoring. 

As always, we like to add our own spin on a classic with some of our signature details. Extra details we believe add to the wearer's comfort. On this jacket, you'll find 2 hidden pockets behind the 2 lower front pockets to keep your hands warm on the coldest of days. 2 slim tabs with small concealed buttons were added to the belt which can be attached to the jacket's main back belt loops. These hold the belt in place to prevent the belt from slipping off. Finally, vented sleeves that expand for when you need to add an extra layer, a cotton sweatshirt or thicker wool knit. 


  • 4 Pocket Safari Jacket
  • 3 - Button Closure
  • 2 Hidden Pockets Behind the 2 Lower Pockets 
  • 100% Twill Cotton in Navy
  • Horn Buttons
  • Vented Sleeves
  • Belt with 2 Small Tabs and Buttons on the Back to Attach to Main Body 
  • 2 Pleats at the Back for Easy Movement
  • 2 Back Vents
  • 2 Back Belt Loops 
  • Tailor Made in Singapore