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Le Corbusier for Cassina LC3 Armchair

Renowned Swiss-French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known by his pseudonym Le Corbusier, is widely considered as one of the most pioneering architects of the 20th century. 

Le Corbusier's relied on ready-made furniture to refurbish and accompany his projects by using the simple modern designs of Thonet. In 1928, this changed when he first began experimenting with interior and furniture design. Then, together with his cousin cousin, Pierre Jeannaret, and fellow architect Charlotte Perriand, he collaborated on this new approach.

The LC2 and LC3 Collections were conceived in 1928 and referred to by its creators as “cushion baskets,” - a  then modernist response to traditional club chairs. Its most iconic feature is the reversal of a traditional sofa structure, which put the metal supports outside the cushions. Further, they aimed to provide the same comfort of a regular padded surface, combined with the industrial, elegant aesthetic of the modernist International Style. 

Original chairs are made by one manufacturer - Cassina. They have held the worldwide rights since 1964 as granted by Le Fondation Le Corbusier. Made of high-quality materials by Italian manufacturer Cassina, this LC3 armchair has a matte black enamel steel frame that gives it a sleek and contemporary look. The thick cream linen adds a touch of luxury to the design and offers superior durability, while the combination of foam and goose down in the side and seat cushions provides a comfortable seating experience. With its low seat and wide armrests, the LC3 armchair is the perfect place to relax after a long day. The chair's design is both functional and stylish, making it an ideal addition to any modern living space. In excellent condition and signed by its designers, the LC3 armchair is a collector's item that is sure to be treasured for years to come. 
Details about this piece 
  • Dimensions: Height: 62 cm (24.41 in) - Width: 98 cm (38.59 in) - Depth: 73 cm (28.75 in) - Seat Height: 40 cm (15.75 in)
  • Materials: Black enamel steel frame, cream linen upholstery
  • Condition: Wearing of the black enamel in certain parts consistent with age, signs of use to the cream linen. 
  • Markings: Cassina logo type, Le Corbusier signature, production number under top left arm bar.
  • Production Year: 2005

This piece is available as a pair. Please visit us in store to purchase or contact us for further details.