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Vintage OG-507 Fatigue Shirt - US Army, Type 3

This is a *vintage utility OG-507 fatigue shirt that was issued and worn by a soldier serving in the United States Army, during the Vietnam War (circa mid-1970s). This uniform has been decommissioned of its insignia patches and rank, leaving only the Name and US ARMY patches. 

OG-507s quickly replaced its predecessor the OG-107 (1952 - 1975), when it first gained popularity in the mid 1970s, and were widely adopted across the different divisions and units across the US Army and USAF.   Part of its charm stemmed from the fact that its poly-cotton make was crease-free whereas their OG-107s predecessors had to be ironed and starched all the time to rid off the creases. 

Vietnam War Issue (1955 - 1975)

Name : Fortney

Size: 15 1/2 Regular 


  • Armpit to Armpit - 23x inches
  • Collar at Top Button Close to Base of Shirt (Front) - 27 inches
  • Collar to Base of Shirt (Back) - 30.5 inches
  • Sleeve - Cuff to Armpit - 19 inches  
  • Sleeve - Cuff to Shoulder - 23 inches
  • Shoulder to Collar - 6 inches
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (across) - 17 inches 
  • Waist - 20 inches
  • Base of Shirt (Left to Right) - 23 inches 

* This item is a vintage fatigue/uniform and whilst not brand new, is in very good used condition.  Do check measurements provided to ensure best fit, as some of these fatigues have been altered slightly by the servicemen who wore them.