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Vintage Portieux Vallerysthal Port Glasses - Set of 2

Milk glass was produced around 300 years before it reached the height of its popularity, which began around 1870 and lasted through the early 20th century. When it came to milk glass, the French were the trendsetters, ushering it into its golden era and inspiring American glassmakers to follow suit. Today French milk glass is particularly valuable.

Vallerysthal/Portieux is a glass producer with a complex history. Founded in 1836, at Lorraine, France, as Societe des Verreries Reunies de Plaine de Walsch et Vallerysthal, which then became Klenglin et Cie in 1855. A mix of Bohemian and French glass workers created a thrilling array of opaline and decorative glass. In 1870 however, this area of France became part of Germany. Most of Vallerysthal sales however had up to this point been within France, but as the factory was no longer within the French territory they now found it difficult to export their glass out of Germany. To get around this problem they quickly purchased the Portieux glass works which was in Vosges, France and whilst the head office remained in Vallerysthal, they could now export through Portieux. The new name was registered in both French and German and became the Vallerysthal/Portieux name is what we still refer to today.

Portieux Vallerysthal Port or Aperitif Glasses. These glass cup work well as egg cups. Set of 2

Please Note • Items from the vintage collection are sold AS IS. We endeavour to describe the condition of each item to our best ability. Unless otherwise described, most of these pieces are used and will have slight marks and scratches along with slight variations in tone to the milk glass. Occasionally, slight specks may be present in the milk glass and the edge of the bowls. These specks are are not stains but caused during the firing and production stage. Each piece is inspected prior to shipping. We do not accept exchanges or refunds on these items unless faulty. Breakage from improper care, use, storage or put through extremes temperatures will not constitute as a faulty item.

Care Instructions • Please hand wash with gentle detergent and a soft sponge. Do not use a scourer pad (including the non scratching ones) as it will scratch the coating. These pieces are not dishwasher safe due to the age and delicate nature of the glass. Do not stack heavy objects on this item. 

Postage • This item and will not qualify for free postage. Shipping charges will apply at checkout.