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Vintage Pyrex Glass Shell Dish

These vintage Pyrex glass shell dishes are a solid throw back to hearty home bakes and sumptuous dinner spreads across many Australian households back in the mid 1960s to late 1970s.   Being Pyrex, these shells can be used in the oven, but are perhaps more suited as condiment dishes or small share dishes in communal eating settings. A shell measures 10cm x 11.5cm x 2.5cm deep and will suits a variety of service uses in the home entertainer's repertoire. 

History of Pyrex in Australia | Agee Pyrexware was first made in December 1931 by the Australian Glass Manufacturers' Company (AGM) in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo. Imported Pyrex glassware had been available in Australia since 1917.

The brand name "Agee" was derived from the initials of the words "Australian glass". This name was used for several unrelated AGM product lines, such as preserving jars, glass bricks, and even pineapple pieces packed in glass containers.

Agee Pyrexware was produced to be marketed by the Crown Crystal Glass Company, which was owned by AGM. Crown produced a wide variety of other glassware in its own Waterloo factory, including tableware, kitchenware, lampshades and ornamental items, as well as glass parts for products by other manufacturers. AGM, which was principally a manufacturer of glass bottles and jars, used its own facilities to produce the new pyrex range because Crown's smaller factory didn't have enough capacity.

The Agee Pyrexware product name was initially controversial, as "Pyrex" had been a registered trademark in Australia for a number of years. However, a court case in 1933 settled the matter, and Pyrex had been unsuccessful in trademarking its name until the late 1990s.   

You'll notice an Agee Pyrex mark on these beautiful glass shell dishes and other Agee Pyrex glassware produced up until 1972.  Latter Markings on glass and overware after 1972 show up as Pyrex Australia and/or Pyrex Overware.  

Pick up a few of these shells and delight in the part they play in the modern contemporary home setting. Enjoy!  

Please Note • Price is for 1 dish. Items from the vintage collection are sold AS IS. We endeavour to describe the condition of each item to our best ability. Unless otherwise described, most of these pieces are used and will have slight marks and scratches along with slight variations in tone to the glass. Occasionally, lines (from the casting) and air bubbles may be present in the glass and the edge of the dishes These imperfections are are not cracks or chips but caused during the firing and production stage. Each piece is inspected prior to shipping. We do not accept exchanges or refunds on these items unless faulty. Breakage from improper care, use, storage or put through extremes temperatures will not constitute as a faulty item.

Care Instructions • Please hand wash with gentle detergent and a soft sponge. Do not use a scourer pad (including the non scratching ones) as it will scratch the coating. These pieces are not dishwasher safe due to the age and delicate nature of the glass. Do not stack heavy objects on this item.