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Wadaman Roasted Black Sesame Seeds

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Wadaman Co., Ltd. is located in Osaka, Japan and has been a sesame manufacturer for more than 130 years. The fourth generation owner, Etsuji Wade, has been personally roasting the seeds for over 40 years. Known as the best roaster in Japan, his skills produce sesame seeds with a delicate and nuanced flavour like none other.

Their legendary roasting process is intense and a labour of love. The sesame seeds are washed 13 times before they are roasted for exactly 92 seconds. Two roasters stand over the roast, regulating temperatures in one degree increments until the seeds reach their optimum roast. They are then transferred to a conveyor belt for separating. Specially built cameras scan the seeds, picking out the ones that do not pass quality control to be served as roasted seeds. Lasers pick these seeds off the belt to be converted into their sesame seeds and oil.

These roasted black sesame have a rich nuttiness that heightens the savoury notes of a dish. Sprinkle on salads and miso roasted vegetables or add to dressings. We suggest using the seeds as a finishing on vegetables, add to sushi rolls, stir frys and noodles, tahini cookies, chiffon cakes and even rolled onto glutinous rice balls.

Weight: 200G
Origin | Osaka, Japan