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Wellington Apiary - Manuka Honey

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The Wellington Apiary Manuka honey (Leptospermum Scorparium) comes from the World Heritage reserve in Tasmania’s western half. In the valleys and plains of the western forests, button grass and Manuka are the dominant species. The hives are moved in early December to the remote and beautiful western forests, and if the weather is kind and warm, Manuka will flower giving the bees their first honey crop of the season.

Manuka honey has received more attention in recent years due to research revealing that raw, unheated and untreated Manuka honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This Manuka honey has been tested by the University of Technology, Sydney, and shown to have:

  • An MGO rating of minimum 75ppm which, according to the researchers, is above average.
  • An HMF honey freshness and excessive heating rating of the lowest possible score being 1ppm, because the honey is not heated at all and is fresh from hive to the jar.

Tasting notes: The Manuka honey produced is deep in colour, jelly like in texture with a rich caramel flavour and savoury aftertaste. Manuka honey has unique antibacterial and antifungal medicinal qualities. This honey is not only beneficial to your health, like all raw honey, but it’s delicious eaten any which way!

Weight: 325g
100% Tasmanian Honey

Please Note • Price is for 1 unit. This item cannot be shipped to WA due to quarantine laws.