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Blunt Classic Umbrella - Houndstooth (Limited Edition)

The traditional umbrella re-imagined. The Blunt™ Classic is perfect for those that appreciate the style and experience of good design.

Blunt™'s original full-sized, full-length and fully tensioned high-performance umbrella. Featuring the patented Blunt™ Tips and easy-grip handle, the coverage you get from the Blunt™ Classic makes it the must-have companion for day-long downpours. 

Style: Full-length Stick
Open Diameter: 120cm
Closed Length: 84cm
Weight: 660g
Wind-tested to: Category 1 hurricane*

Designed to Last
The patented Blunt™ tips open like miniature umbrellas within custom pockets at the canopy edge, performing multiple purposes to make the Blunt™ Umbrella what it is. They transfer the radial force evenly into the canopy ,creating a superior structure and aerodynamic surface for ultimate performance. The Blunt™ tips reinforce the umbrella in a traditional area of weakness by eliminating the point loading at the rib end where umbrellas typically fail.

Tension gained in the canopy must come from the compressive forces elsewhere – being the ribs. Blunt™ frames are built to provide this force into the canopy and to weather the additional stress they bear to do so. The frame components are made from materials specifically selected to tolerate the full range of forces applied during use.

Tested to the Extremes
Our aerodynamic canopy will keep you protected, as Blunt™ Umbrellas have been wind tunnel tested to a Category 1 Hurricane (115km/h)*
*Measured and evaluated by professionals (WSP) in the southern hemisphere's most powerful wind tunnel (1.1MW). Tested to the point of destruction, at a fixed angle with a mechanical arm on Jan 25th 2021.

Blunt™ Umbrellas are designed to be fully repaired thanks to their 'Repair, not Replace' ethos. This means if something goes wrong, you won't have to throw away your umbrella. Rather they will fix it for you anywhere around the world to be as good as new. We back this up with a 2-year global manufacturer’s warranty.