Footage After Hours: Meet The Maker Session 7


Footage After Hours: Meet The Maker Session 7

ALTD Spirits is the celebration of wild-crafted & Australian local produce. Using only Australian natives and locally grown botanicals sourced at their peak from indigenous suppliers and farmers, ALTD Spirits is a fervent advocate of ethical engagements with traditional land owners. Proudly distilled in Marrickville Sydney, each of these botanicals is distilled individually, using a traditional copper 'moonshine' still. The natural distillates are then triple filtered, blended and bottled, and the end result is simply a 'thing of beauty'. Inspired by the tastes and sounds of the Australian landscape - the 3 bottled gems, are aptly named after cicadas, who for the best part of the past 40,000 years, contributed to the sounds of the Australian summer. 

ALTD Spirits is authentically Australian and unique in their offering of alcohol free, botanical-flavoured beverages, for the discerning drinkers seeking an alternative to their usual go to spirits. Unapologetic about their intentions not to recreate flavour substitutes for gin-style, juniper forward and alcohol-free tipple, ALTD Spirits is a modern Australian beverage you must have in your beverage buffet.

Ever had a non-alcoholic beverage at some of Australia's finest venues such as Saint Peter, Fred's, Chiswick, Pilu or Attica? Chances are you've tasted some beautifully distilled Australian botanicals in the way of ALTD Spirits. WIth the silly season dawning upon us, pick up a few easy tips from Tim at the ALTD Spirits presentation, supported by the City of Sydney this Thursday 28 November from 6.30-9pm. He'll be creating 3 ALTD-tails for the night so get acquainted with the ALTD line of alcohol-free beverages and learn how to mix these tasty liquid treats in the comforts of your own space this Christmas. 

Attendance is free but registration is required. Book your spot in the link below.