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Ito Shoten 3 Year Old Tamari

Ito Shoten is a 200 plus year old tamari and miso company nestled in Taketoyo, Aichi Prefecture. Currently run by the spry Tomijiro Ito (ninth generation) and his grandson (eleventh generation), Ito Shoten uses traditional methods to turn Japan-grown whole soybeans into tamari and miso. Tamari means “of a pressing,” and that explains very well what this product is.  When miso is made, the brine it releases is what becomes the tamari.  The Aichi prefecture is known for its very dark miso, and accordingly, this tamari is dark and rich. 

Produced from only Japanese-grown soybeans and natural sea salt, slowly aged for three years in cedar casks, the tamari has a thick, caramel-like, smoky, meaty, deep umami flavor that is well balanced, not very salty.  This needs nothing more than raw fish, although a few drops in a mushroom or game broth would be welcome. The wheat-free aspect is a side bonus if you want something you can use to massively amplify the flavour of something without adding any gluten, a handy thing to have in the pantry. 

We recommend that you do not cook with this special brew, just use as a dipping sauce and/or brush on meats, fish or whatever you prefer.

Weight: 720ml

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