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Malfroy's Gold Wild Yellow Box Honey

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Malfroy's Gol Wild Yellow Box Honey is a classic honey is produced from 100% natural comb in bee-friendly Warré hives in the Central Tablelands of NSW at altitudes of 700 to 1000m above sea level.

The climate of the area is prone to extreme fluctuations of temperature, highly variable rainfall, scorching hot, dry summers and long, icy, windy winters.

The majestic Yellow Box tree (Eucalyptus melliodora) yields her sweet, light, aromatic nectar every two to four years over the hot, dry summer months. When the trees are in the height of bloom, the tablelands are alive with their floral, aromatic perfume.

In pure form, this is a delicate yet powerful honey with a hay yellow colour, full body, characteristic sweet floral flavour and lingering clean high notes.

Malfroy's Gold wild honey is genuinely cold pressed from virgin comb it may be crystallised in the jar. Cold pressed honey often has a cloudy or opaque appearance and soft, thick, even texture with finely grained crystals.

Warre hives located in World Heritage wilderness

This honey is produced by the bees in the ancient World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains area. Malfroys Gold apiaries are located in a diverse mix of eco-regions, providing an incredible diversity of nectar and pollen sources for the bees to forage. The resulting honey has a complex, intense and ever-changing flavour profile.

The protected area is over one million hectares in size, rising from sea level to over 1000m in altitude and is fantastically rich in melliferous wildflowers (more than 1,500 flowering species have been recorded and 13% of the worlds Eucalypt species occur here naturally). Importantly, and due to the large foraging radius of each bee colony, the honey is a distillation of the nectar from woodland, open forest, closed forest (rainforest), heathland, swampland, stream communities and the hanging swamps that occur on vertical cliff faces.

Due to this incredible diversity, no single jar of honey is the same; each speaks of the utterly unique landscape of the Blue Mountains.

This variety has a rating of TA 25+ (equivalent to UMF 25+ / MGO 1200+). Eating small amounts regularly, straight from the jar should aid general health and wellbeing. Yellow Box also has the lowest GI rating of any Australian honey (35).

Weight | 500G
Origin | Blue Mountains, NSW

Please Note • This item cannot be shipped to WA due to quarantine laws.