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Nitto Jozo Shiro Shoyu - White Tamari

Started in 1938, Nitto Jozo produces artisanal white tamari utilizing Japanese wheat, sea salt and mountain spring water from the mountains of Toyota.

In stark contrast to "dark" soy sauce, white tamari is made up of only wheat, salt and water. This product is essentially a white soy sauce, which traditionally is mostly wheat and a little bit of soy bean.  When you ferment soy beans they become dark, so the more you have the darker the brew.  Ninagawa-san made his brew with 100% wheat, so the Japanese government told him he can not call it "soy sauce".  So he playfully calls it "white tamari".  Nitto Jozo uses locally grown wheat, Japanese sea salt, mountain spring water and koji to make their shiro tamari. The nose is strong malty, with koji and white miso notes, which perfectly highlights it's sweet, salty and strong umami flavor. 

It is used to highlight ingredients in a dish, vinaigrettes, sauces and sashimi. Shiro tamari is milder in taste than white soy sauce and brings out the delicate taste of the dishes it is served with. Many broths (dashi) and noodle sauces (tsuyu) based on shiro tamari are also on sale, so you can casually enjoy it with soba noodles and hot pot (nabe) dishes.

Add to: Suimono (clear soup, broth), simmered dishes, hot dishes and chawan-mushi (dish made from eggs and vegetables steamed), Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients | Water, wheat, salt, rice spirit

Weight | 300ml Glass Bottle
Origin | Aichi, Japan