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Olasagasti Whole Cantabrian Anchovies a la Donostiarra

The Olasagasti Whole Cantabrian Anchovies a la Donostiarra is not your typical tin of anchovy fillets that you expect to cook with. While many tinned anchovies tend to be thinner and saltier, these succulent whole fish taste clean and bright (almost small sardine-like in appearance), with an extra boost of flavour that comes from their golden olive oil marinade. Bold, yet not overpowering, the marinade gets an aromatic boost from a whole cayenne pepper and whole clove of garlic, while wine vinegar adds an extra tang that takes it to another level. Y

Expect the fresh flavour of the fish to still shine as Olasagasti’s anchovies are caught at their peak every spring and are tender, yet toothsome, yielding a satisfying chew before melting in your mouth. Like other tinned fish, the spine is present and can be removed if you choose, but the canning process makes it brittle and soft enough that it’s completely edible—you won’t notice it.

Ingredients: Anchovies, olive oil, a clove of garlic, cayenne pepper, wine vinegar, salt

Weight: 190g
Origin: Cantabria, Spain